Hillary’s Outlandish Claim About Benghazi Sparks Instant Outrage

This woman just does whatever the hell she wants. If this woman gets elected God help us.


The Butcherer of Benghazi just came forward with even more asinine claims pertaining to her role during the attacks on September 11 that took the lives of four Americans. Knowing absolutely no shame and seeking to distance herself even further from the scandal, she spoke with 60 Minutes during a broadcast on Sunday leaving many scratching their heads over the audacity of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Taking zero responsibility for the attacks, she then went on to point fingers at others saying that she was absolutely not at fault for the deaths of our four Americans. She cited multiple investigations into the attack, bragging that she was found innocent of any negligence during the event.

“When this happened in Benghazi, I immediately stood up an independent committee – distinguished Americans, military and civilian experts,” she said. “They came out and they said, ‘You know, the ball was dropped – in security. And, you know, some of the decisions that were made, probably should have been rethought.’”

CBS’s Scott Pelley then asked, “But wasn’t that your ball to carry?” to which she replied,

“No, it wasn’t. It was not my ball to carry.”

“Read all of the reports, all many hundreds of pages of them, including this latest one, which was a political exercise from the very beginning,” she said, then added a comment about pre-attack reports. “Those never reached me. Those never came to my attention.”

“If the alarming reports from Libya about the lack of security at the diplomatic compound never reached her desk, her top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills should have been fired,” he wrote. “Someone, somewhere, higher than a mid level functionary must have seen those requests for additional security help. And the failure to pass the requests on to Clinton — if there was a failure — constitutes gross negligence.”

This woman just does whatever the hell she wants. If this woman gets elected God help us.

H/T [TheBlaze, Western Journalism]




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It should have been an exorcism, not an exercise. This maggot is pure evil. When is a Democrat going to take responsibility for their actions? Its ALWAYS someine else’s fault. How can ANYONE even contemplate putting this POS in the White House?