DISGUSTING VIDEO: Jihadist Crashes Memorial For Munich Victims


While families in Munich mourn the loss of their loved ones at a memorial, an angry Muslim man does the unthinkable and disgraces everyone in attendance. Suddenly disrupted by screams of “Allahu Akbar,” the mourning family members were shocked when they saw a Muslim man walking towards them. In a disgusting attempt to drive the knife further into the victim’s families backs, this man screamed hateful messages to the mourners, saying that Allah is the greater god, and his followers will come to finish the job that they have already started.

One witness told the newspaper that they asked a nearby police officer to “do something,” but the officer turned a blind eye and refused to help, saying that there was no reason to approach the disorderly man. The Muslim man continued to verbally berate the mourners, calling them “pigs” and mocking their grief over their dead family members.

One brave German man had enough, and finally stood up to the Muslim man, saying “Shut up with that s*** ‘Allah Akbar. F*** you, motherf***er!!” This rogue hero inspired a group of more Germans to join in. Finally, after numerous demands from the crowd, police were forced to cordon off a section where citizens could mourn in peace.

It is only a matter of time before this nonsense overtakes America. We need to wake up and realize that we are not immune from the hate that is happening overseas. They aim to destroy us, as their “holy book” commands.

H/T[Mad World News]


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