HERO: Dhaka Victim Chose Brutal Death Over Leaving His Friends to Die Alone


Among more than 30 people held hostage in Dhaka during the Holy Artisan Bakery a young man, Faraaz Hassan, was given a reprieve by the terrorists intent on the bloodshed of “foreigners.” He was told that because of his Bengali ancestry he was allowed to live as well as leave. In that moment he made a choice, a choice steeped in heroism. Faraaz Hassan refused.

Faraaz Hassan (middle) in happier times
Faraaz Hassan (middle) in happier times

Instead he chose to stay with his two co-students and friends, Abinta Kabir and Tarishi Jain. We can only imagine that his intention was to offer them comfort in the moments before any who couldn’t recite passages from the Koran were brutally butchered.

Photos of the inside of the café after the attack

The photos of the bakery after the bloody attack paint a picture of horrid bloodlust from 7 anti-Christian terrorists intent on murder, 5 of which have apparently been on the local police’s radar for quite some time. There seems to be no real motive for this attack but among the many victims is a young man who chose to show great valor in the face of terror by staying to die with his friends.

Abinta Kabir
Abinta Kabir
Tarishi Jain

The three friends stayed huddled in a bathroom stall together as Tarishi Jain called her family to say goodbye. They heard the demands of the terrorists, the screams and pleas of the victims, and the reciting and praising of the “devout” Koran followers. Their terror must have been absolute, and to face that and still choose to sacrifice his life, so that others didn’t have to die alone, is truly heroic.

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