Dallas Police Chief Gets Death Threats After Shocking Details of His Past Come to Light


Police chief, David Brown is being hailed for the brave way he has handled the horrifying situation that has been unfolding in Dallas over the past week. As he pleads with the protesters to stop the violence and end the divisiveness between citizens and police, he is getting a shocking reaction from his own “people.” Brown reports that he received death threats “almost immediately after” 5 of his officers were murdered by Micah X Johnson. Brown says that he is taking all of these threats very seriously, regardless of if they can be confirmed or not.


Instead of lashing out, Brown is sympathizing with the victims’ families, because he knows first-hand the anguish that they are experiencing. In 1991, he lost his beloved brother, Kelvin to violence, after he was shot and killed by drug dealers in Phoenix. In 2010, shortly after he accepted the position of Chief of Police in Dallas, one of his officers was gunned down after responding to a shooting in an apartment complex. The shooter subsequently died after being shot twelve times by the other officers on the scene. The shooter was none other than Brown’s own 27-year-old son.

Instead of burning the city to the ground, Chief David Brown rose above it. He channeled his pain by pushing forward and has risen to become the leader of one of the largest police departments in the country where he takes on the difficult task of attempting to end police brutality. Chief Brown has become committed to training his officers in conflict de-escalation and has implemented a “community policing” strategy to help improve the relationship between civilians and police officers.


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