UNREAL: Thug Cop Killer Suing His Murdered Victim For $2.3 Million

Yeah ok. We'll see how well your antics play out in court.


The pain that a police officer’s family must endure after losing their loved one to an armed thug is incomprehensible, but for one family things just got much, much worse. After shooting an officer in Indianapolis, the alleged cop killer, Major P. Davis II, awaits his punishment. But now in a move that defies all logic, Davis is filing a lawsuit against his dead victim for a whopping $2.3 million dollars.

Prosecutors in the case claim that the the bullets from the thug’s semi-automatic rifle killed Officer Renn, after the thug picked up his mother’s AK-47 at a family gathering. Then in a cowardly move, Davis used his own girlfriend and children as a shield, which caused the officer to hesitate in returning fire, a move that proved to be fatal for Officer Renn. Prosecutors are scoffing at Davis’ chances of successfully suing his dead victim saying,

“I don’t think this case has a chance in the world and I’m a defense lawyer,” said attorney Jack Crawford.

Davis along with his criminal defense attorneys claim that Davis’ hands were in plain sight throughout the whole ordeal, and that he complied with the officer’s orders. Their ludicrous claims do not end there however. His attorneys then claim that officer Renn began firing shots at Davis from the rear.

In the wake of the shooting which took place in 2014, Davis’ family compiled a variety of excuses as to why Davis is innocent, and why he had no choice but to pick up the AK-47 and begin firing.

Yeah ok. We’ll see how well your antics play out in court.

H/T [Supportcops.org]



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