BREAKING: Leaked Email Fallout – Debbie Schultz RESIGNS


There is more backwash following the release of 20,000 emails leaked online. There seems to be no end in sight to the despicable actions of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), a non-biased democrat union. In an attempt to control the flow of social uproar mainly from Bernie Sanders supporters, the DNC has picked their scapegoat to pin it on, Debbie Schultz.

The DNC should be a non-biased organization favoring no presidential candidate over the other one, but leaked emails tell a completely different story. They have been favoring Hillary Clinton while cooperating with news organizations to bash Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. In the latest stream of breaking news to come out of the leaked emails, Debbie Shultz, the Democratic Party leader, has offered her resignation.

The announcement comes amidst Democrat delegate lockouts and protests at the Democratic Convention where Bernie Sanders supporters are in a rage after reading the contents of the DNC email leaks. Schultz is being targeted for her role in the slandering and collusion to slander Bernie Sanders as an atheist among other things. In one of the emails she can even be read saying, “This is a silly story. He isn’t going to be president.”


After many people have called for heads to roll, including Bernie Sanders himself, Debbie Schultz resigned. Will she be the only one implicated in the fallout of this massive corruption within the DNC? We will have to wait to find out, but until then many people are offerring their own opinions in the matter.

In a live feed on ABC News, it is mentioned that Debbie Schultz will be assuming an honorary chair position in Hillary Clinton’s 50-state campaign to “help elect Democrats around the country.” It is ironic because that was her position at the DNC of which she failed to do by insulting Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president.

I am not a Democrat, but these sort of criminal activities make me just as mad as these others. We live in America and these sort of practices should not be allowed within our democratic process! I will be ecstatic to see many more resignations and I will be watching as Wikileaks plan to release even more emails while claiming the new ones will implicate Hillary Clinton and possibly convict her in the eyes of the public, if not the law.

H/T [Young ConservativesFox News]



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