BREAKING: Brussels On LOCKDOWN Amid Stand-Off With Police And Bomber

A bomb disposal robot is currently on the scene

Another terror attack in Europe may have been miraculously thwarted this morning when authorities were alerted to a suspicious-looking man with “wires hanging out of his coat.” Dramatic images showed the man in a unusually large winter coat kneeling down on the ground with his hands behind his head as two police aimed their pistols at his head in the middle of the city

The suspicious man was cornered by police officers after they were tipped off to a man wearing a “long coat with protruding wires” walking through Brussels. Spotting a man in a large winter coat in the middle of summer when temperatures are nearly 90 degrees is definitely reason to be alarmed.

A bomb disposal robot is currently on the scene

Police say that the situation is “under control” and a bomb disposal robot is on the scene. Local stores and a library were quickly evacuated. Tensions are high in Brussels due to the city preparing for National Belgium day tomorrow. It has barely been a week since the attack in Nice, France rocked the world and left 84 people slain in the street. Hopefully enough precautions are taken to where we don’t see a repeat of that horrible tragedy tomorrow.

H/T[The Sun]


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