BREAKING: Another Officer SHOT in Kansas City, Police Search Underway For Suspects



Reports coming in of another officer shot, this time in Kansas City, Kansas. Police Chief Terry Zeigler tweeted at 2:02 p.m., “We have an officer shot at 22nd & Haskell. Start prayers, unknown condition.” Multiple suspects ran from the scene, according to police radio traffic. Police have blocked off 18th Street north of Parallel until 24th Street in their search for suspects.

Police swarmed the area with dozens of officers, some with rifles. Several police were taking cover behind cars at 16th and Quindaro. A woman at a house there came out of a home with her hands up. Several officers were kneeling down in the street with their guns drawn.

The woman who came out walked up to an officer who was holding a ballistic shield. She stood and talked with the officers. Then she walked away from the officers about 10 feet away toward the home and appeared to be yelling to someone in the house.

The war on cops is getting out of hand. When will it become evident that these are PEOPLE, with families, who are just trying to do their jobs? It is heart-wrenching to see this violence unfold on a day to day basis. Prayers for the officer and the officer’s family in these troubling heartbreaking times.


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