BREAKING: 100 Police Officers Swarm Scene After Active Shooter Takes Hostages at Law Firm

An active shooter hostage situation is being reported.


The details are still coming in, but there is an active shooter situation being reported at a law firm in Stuttgart, Germany. An unidentified gunman stormed the building, and local news media are reporting a hostage situation at this time.

As the Independent Reports:

An armed man has taken hostages at the office of a law firm in Stuttgart, Germany,

Around 100 police, including special riot officers, have cordoned off the area in the east of the city, and nearby transport hubs have been closed.

There are reportedly two people within the build, one of whom may be the gunman.

Officials were informed by a witness who first reported the incident via telephone, according to the Stuttgarter Zeitung.

Witnesses reportedly heard shots, but police could not confirm this.

The incident is taking place in an upscale residential area in the east Stuttgart, Bild reports.

A woman from a neighboring house claimed she saw a man enter the law firm near her house, and she she immediately called police.

Police have since secured the area around the building, and also suspended the train services within the proximity of the incident site.

Witnesses relayed to the media that they heard shots fired inside of the building. Police have responded, but have yet to confirm if anyone has been shot.




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