BREAKING: 1,500 US Servicemen Being Held in Turkey, Here’s What We Know

1500 US troops are currently being held hostage.


Following the failed coup attempt in Turkey several days ago by some members of the military, 6,000 people have been arrested, with President Erdogan vowing to purge the “virus” that caused the revolt.

Now following the turmoil in the region, the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey has been placed on lockdown, and US forces are currently being held hostage unable to leave the area.

As The Right Scoop reports (H/T Mark Levin):

Erdogan, the despotic ruler of Turkey, appears to be holding 1,500 U.S. soldiers hostage at Incirlik air base in an attempt to pressure Obama to hand over his political opponent who was exiled to Pennsylvania. Erdogan claims that he ordered and organized the failed coup last night.

There’s no doubt that if Turkey was holding deserters such as Bowe Bergdahl hostage instead of 1,500 active duty troops, Obama would be jumping through hoops in the same manner he does when releasing his buddies out of Guantanamo Bay. Secretary John Kerry issued a statement over Twitter, but no word yet on the status of our troops.


Hopefully these Soldiers will get better treatment than the despicable treatment our Sailors endured after being taken hostage by Iran several months ago. Rather that give a crap about our service men being held hostage, I’m sure Obama is either golfing or planning the next riot with Black Lives Matter leadership up at the White House.





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jeanne wallace

so..are they being held hostage..or did the American C.O. lock down the base to keep the troops safe? is hard to tell which is the case from what is written here.


They won’t be hurt