[VID] BADASS Female Cop Takes Out Axe-Wielding Psycho…FACE FIRST Into Pavement

Screw waiting for backup.


Screw waiting for backup. When police Officer Joanne Vandeursen spotted an axe-wielding man threatening to enter a mall and kill everyone, she immediately sprang into action. One eye witness said that the man approached her and her friend at a nearby bus stop, and informed them he was “going to kill everyone at the mall.”

In amazing footage captured by one eyewitness, Once Officer Vandeursen rushes towards the man, she puts him into a chokehold, and then bodyslams him into the pavement. After several moments, a swarm of onlookers then flock to assist the officer until backup forces can arrive. One vigilante decided to serve out a little justice right on the spot, kicking the subdued man as he is held to the ground.

[mfb_video url=”https://www.facebook.com/53Hours/videos/1039672862734734/?hc_location=ufi” size=”500″ mbottom=”50″]

The video then shows the would-be attacker being handcuffed, and placed into the back of a police cruiser. The charges against the man are still pending, while an investigation into the insane incident continues.

What a badass! Kudos to you, Officer Vandeursen. You are definitely who I want on my team if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse.

H/T [The Star]



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