Every week, something new is coming out about the highly incompetent Veterans Affairs. We all know about the difficulty in obtaining an appointment for a facility probably nowhere near where a veteran lives. We know about the long waiting periods. We know about the lack of real medical care for those who are suffering daily with PTSD, substance abuse, physical injuries and so on. We know about the many deaths at the hands of the VA because of the VA being run by our deadbeat government.

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With all of the problems occurring at the hands of the VA, it is starting to make many believe that there is a conspiracy around the absolute f*ckery of this government run organization. It is as if anti-military, anti-veterans and anti-war people are running the absolute failure of the VA in an effort to further punish our heroes. Do whatever it takes to make them suffer and if they die in the meantime…oh well, one less warmonger to waste money on.

The latest scandal to come out is just as unacceptable as all of the other crap the VA is doing.

‘VA officials are now admitting the agency declared more than 4,000 living veterans, dead, cutting off their benefits.’

That is right. Thousands of veterans who are alive have been declared DEAD and have lost their benefits over the past 5 years! How the HELL does this happen? Apparently, the VA chalks this up to employee mistakes, erroneous cross-checking of data on the VA’s outdated computer network and other miscellaneous reasons. [WSJ] The VA promised they have made improvements. But have they? There is no word on whether or not this is true.

Could the VA out of money? Nope. Not according to John Cornyn (R-TX) who revealed that the VA is actually growing and has a huge budget!

That is right. The VA is swimming in money, but it is most certainly not being used to modernize facilities, build more facilities, hire more doctors, nor improve care for veterans and ensure their records are correct and our veterans are getting what they are owed and promised! It is obviously going into the pockets of assholes who are screwing over our veterans.

In a recent interview with Fox and Friends, Mike Rieker from Florida, had this to say:

“The system failed, whatever they’re doing doesn’t work. It was supposed to be corrected and of course it wasn’t. Things move at the speed of darkness at the VA.”

“One of my biggest concerns is that there are a lot of people who don’t know who to contact [when benefits are cut off]. You call the VA and they say, ‘We’ll investigate it,’ and who knows how long that takes.”

In order for Rieker to get his benefits back, he had to contact a Congressman. Seriously? There was not one person employed by this government bureaucratic mess to help him so he had to go to a Congressman for help? Completely unacceptable and rather outrageous. Meanwhile, thousands of heroes are still cut off from any benefits and await for someone to help.

Whether or not this is a purposeful conspiracy or a government clusterf*ck, the fact is, the VA does NOT work and nobody seems to be doing a damn thing about it!

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[H/T Town HallWSJ]


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