Unbelievable! Report Shows That VA Ignores Messages Sent To Suicide Crisis Line


The government watchdog organization, Government Accountability Office (GAO), released a report which found that the VA have ignored 28.6 percent of text messages sent to the Suicide Crisis Line by veterans in need of immediate assistance.

“GAO also covertly tested the VCL’s text messaging services and found that 4 of 14 GAO test text messages did not receive responses. VA officials said they do not monitor or test the timeliness and performance of the VCL text message system and instead rely solely on the VCL’s text messaging provider for these functions. VA officials told GAO that the provider had not reported any issues with the system, but the provider told GAO  that routine testing of the VCL system is not conducted. Without routinely testing its text messaging system or ensuring that its provider does so, VA cannot identify limitations to this service.”

This report follows another conducted in February which discovered nearly two dozen veterans who called the hotline were sent straight to voicemail. The calls were never returned as the VA claimed staff did not know there was even a messaging system at the time. The VA has acknowledged these reports and claims to be taking proper steps to improve their messaging structures.

Our government has repeatedly shown inexcusably poor stewardship to the people who pay for it to run and abject neglect to those who paid the ultimate price for the freedom to even have a program. Ignorance isn’t a valid excuse for these things to happen. Since when do we get out of a speeding ticket by telling the cop we didn’t know the speed limit? There needs to be more accountability and punishment.

Our soldiers don’t deserve this. They should be the most cherished in the nation yet they are treated as table scraps. If our government responded to our veterans as Loretta Lynch does to our enemies, our country itself would be a better place. Instead, they force us to pay for them to celebrate the “diversity” of the worthless Durka Dirtbags that were shooting at our soldiers.

H/T Freedom Outpost

Nicole Morgan



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