Did Political Correctness Cause the FBI to Release the Orlando Terrorist THREE TIMES?


Orlando terrorist, Omar Mateen, who was killed yesterday after taking hostages at a gay night club and murdering over 50 people, is more than just a Muslim who decided to die honorably for his god. Mateen seems to have had several run-ins with the FBI prior to his murderous rampage, and also had ties with American suicide bomber, Moner Abu Salha.


Not only was Mateen investigated by the FBI on two separate occasions for links to terror, but was also investigated for making “inflammatory remarks” at his place of employment, alleging that he had ties to terrorists. All three instances, he was dismissed from further investigation and was deemed to have “minimal contact” with Abu Salha, who blew himself up for the Al Nusra Front in Syria 2014.

Mateen was employed at global security firm, G4S, and was legally allowed to buy the firearms that he used to incite mass murder at a Florida nightclub. Mateen also had connections with a former Marine, and an undercover FBI agent turned radical Muslim cleric who was released from jail last year despite warnings that he was recruiting potential terrorists.


Moments before he began slaughtering massive amounts of innocent people in the name of Allah, he dialed 911 to profess his allegiance to the head of ISIS and also praised the actions of the Boston bombers. Investigators say that Mateen was able to purchase multiple firearms before the attack because the FBI cases on him had been closed. “He’s a known quantity,’ another source said. ‘He’s been on the radar before.”

An FBI spokesman said Sunday’s mass shooting is being investigated as an act of terrorism, adding that they are looking into whether it was an act of domestic or international terror, and if the Mateen was a lone wolf. It’s pretty pathetic that even having been investigated by the FBI on three separate occasions, that this monster was allowed to slip through the cracks.


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