Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is running a global empire with 310 million active users on Twitter. Most people do not even entertain any thoughts as to who provides this addicting social media platform, so they open their lives to the world without a care in the world.

Let me tell you a little bit about Mr. Jack Dorsey. I want you to think long and hard about this information and see if your mind is changed at all in regards to using Twitter.

Not surprisingly, Dorsey is a leftist. He has already promised to silence those who do not follow lock-n-step with his philosophies on life, specifically the highly debatable and manufactured ‘hate speech’ that is pushed in our faces by special snowflakes who tweet from their safe space.

Next and the point of this article, is that Dorsey has an odd obsession with #BlackLivesMatter. No, he does not oppose them nor does he ensure that BLM keeps their hateful, anti-American, anti-white rhetoric and threats off of Twitter.  Actually, it is quite the opposite. Dorsey embraces BLM.

In an ijack dorsey blacklivesmatternterview with Peter Kafka of Recode (a subsidiary of leftist Vox Media), Dorsey was seen wearing a popular BLM t-shirt with the hashtag #StayWoke displayed on the front. #StayWoke is a phrase used on Twitter by the BLM movement. Sitting next to Dorsey was an obnoxious BLM leader, Deray Mckesson, whom Dorsey calls his friend.




To see some specific important clips, watch the video below.

Dorsey has been part of this movement since 2014 when the BLM movement awoke with a furry of hate and violence straight from hell. In 2014 during the St. Louis riots, Dorsey decided to get his white ass down to where he was born, St. Louis, to join in on the fun.

In the above interview, Dorsey gave a false narrative of what really went on there. Not surprising. That is what leftists and progressives do. Create a false sense of reality in a pretty manipulative way.

jack dorsey blacklivesmatter

Dorsey was also asked about his censoring of Twitter and the aggressive censorship of conservative tweets and accounts. While conservatives are being banned, he allowed the vile excrement known as, Azealia Banks, to carry on her threats against Palin. He claims to support freedom and diversity. We know this is not true.  [To read background on this, vist this article HERE.]

“I think a platform is best when it carries every voice,” said Dorsey. “I do believe we need to build a platform that respects and amplifies every voice in a way that the world needs to hear it.”


So now that you know that Twitter is in bed with the terrorist group, #BlackLivesMatter, does this change your mind on using this leftist platform?


[H/T Daily Wire]


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