Freddie Gray Case: Officer Who Drove Van Learns His Fate

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry William ruled today and delivered a verdict in the Officer Caesar Goodson case.


Officer Caesar Goodson learned his fate today in court. Goodson waved his right to a trial by jury. His trail started June 9 and finished recently. Final arguments were heard on the 20th.  The Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams made his ruling today.

Goodson was accused of giving Freddie Gray a rough ride. The judge disagreed, as he found Goodson not guilty of:

Not Guilty

  • second degree murder
  • manslaughter
  • assault
  • misconduct in office
  • reckless endangerment

Angry protestors chanted “Murderer” after the verdict was read:

Mike Hellgren of WJZ said judge didn’t feel that any evidence was there. It would appear the claims of #blacklivesmatter were a bit off:

“The judge said that the evidence simply was not there, that there was no way that Officer Goodson would have known that Freddie Gray was injured until that final stop at the Western district, and that’s when a medic was called. He chided the state for using the term ‘rough ride,’ he said that it’s a highly-charged term, they failed to define it. The prosecution’s theory of the case did not fit the facts that they had presented to the judge and he was clearly troubled by this. I find it hard to believe that he would convict any of the officers in any of the four remaining trials to come” – Mike Hellgren WJZ


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