BREAKING: ISIS Issues ‘Kill List’ With 15,000 American Names, But That’s Not the Worst Part


It has just been discovered that ISIS has issued a “kill list” with the names of over 15,000 U.S. citizens that they intend to take out. According to The Daily Caller, The list, which is not public, but encrypted online, names off tens of thousands of Americans that ISIS intends to kill in New York, Texas, Florida, and California. The lists reportedly include names of college professors and military personnel, as well as the names of more “common” people including art collectors and homemakers.

There’s just one huge problem: the FBI hasn’t warned any of these people that they are at risk of being murdered by lone wolves or agents in sleeper cells around the country. In a sampling of 24 people in Texas, 22 of those had no idea that they were on any type of list, much less that of a terrorist group set out to brutally end their lives.

One Jewish woman from Austin said, “I was terrified. We live in a different world and the Jewish community is a number one target of these radicals,” when the outlet told her she and some of her friends in the Jewish community were listed. Additionally, the Corpus Christi Police Department says it was never contacted by federal authorities about one of their own citizens who is on the kill list. “We were not contacted by the Army or the FBI referencing the threat to our citizen,” Police spokesman Chris Hooper stated.

FBI officials state that most Americans who were on the list have been alerted or made aware in some shape or form, but that “some individuals may have slipped through the cracks.” 

“The FBI routinely notifies individuals and organizations of potential threat information. We perform these notifications so potential victims are aware of possible threats and take appropriate steps,” the bureau said. “Those measures may include paying close attention to your surroundings at all times, protecting personally identifiable information, and immediately calling the local authorities if you observe something suspicious. The FBI will continue to work closely with federal, state, and local partners to keep the public informed of potential threats.”

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Robert David Hummel
On bended knee, this I do Plea, “Dear LORD’ Keep Our Nation Free.” Almighty God, I am grateful for your inspiration, for Your divine benevolence led our founders to create, Our, “One Nation Under God”,… with liberty and justice for all. Please, Dear Father which art in Heaven, I seek Your’, guidance and direction, to grant today, and tomorrow’s, Citizen Servant’s, of the Executive, Legislative,and Supreme Court, …the COURAGE and PERSEVERANCE, to RETURN Our Country to Your’, favor, to Protect our Constitution, and “PRESERVE our nation as a Nation of God.” I Praise and Thank You LORD, for Your’ ever… Read more »

well I guess your voting for trump since hillary is friends with the muslim in saudi arabia and other muslim run countries and she also wants to take the second amendment and trash it so we have nothing but stick & stones to protect ourselves . while she and her liberal friends set up a socialist government and stay in power as long as they bring in more refugees and potential votes thru empty promises and blowing smoke up everyones asses

j Rothschild

The b*stards in charge of the USA love the terrorists, because they are terrorists.
They fund and train terrorists.
You welcome.