BREAKING: Unidentified Shooter In Florida Targeting Passing Cars


Reports are coming in today that 3 cars have been randomly shot at, in Marion County, FL. The shots were fired on Maricamp Road, as the drivers took to social media about the damage to their vehicles. Florida has just come off the tail end of the Orlando terrorist attack and is already on high alert, so this new wave of seemingly odd crime is one the people are taking note of.

Ocala police say they are doing everything in their power to solve the mysterious shootings, but no possible suspects yet as information is severely lacking. One driver didn’t even realize he had been shot at until he took his car in to have mechanic do maintenance. The mechanic saw the hole and informed him that he had a .45 caliber hole in his driver side door.

William Clifford, the driver, says that he feel lucky to even be alive, as he should. The other drivers have not been publicly identified as of yet. Updates to come as they are reported.

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