Allen West ROASTS Cair’s Executive Director With Amazing Comeback

It is safe to say that one should NOT try to debate Islam with Allen West, even if it happens to be your religion!


Nezar Hamze made a classic mistake when he approached Allen West with a question that should never be asked of the very vocal retired Colonel. In a very short lived and rather entertaining debate, Col. Allen West schools the Executive Director for CAIR about his OWN religion.

Hamze begins his tirade by saying, ” Mr. West, you told a Marine that terrorists that are attacking the United States and the people of America are following Islam, and they are following the instructions of the Quran.” His following question however is what set Col. West off.

“Can you show me one verse in this Quran (holds up Quran) where it says to attack America?”


Col. West smirks a bit and stated, “of course it doesn’t say “ATTACK AMERICA!” He then proceeds to completely school the Exec. Director on the Verse of the Sword (Surah 9:5). Namze quickly cuts him off with a growled, “Show me.”

In only the most epic Allen West way, the Col. goes on to completely publicly roast the CAIR employee by naming numerous battles that were perpetrated from 628 a.d to 1683. He even takes it a step further by saying, “From 610 to 622 Islam was a peaceful religion (for the first half?) under Muhammad’s wife, Khadijah. Thereby shaming Namze publicly with the history of the very religion that Namze is trying to defend. Classic!

Col. West then tells Namze to “not blow sunshine up his butt.”


Of course the CAIR Director can not leave well enough alone and responds in an aggressive huff of hot air, “I am ashamed, I am ashamed to be here with all of these people when you’ve attacked Islam, you attack…….”

That is when Allen West took the gloves off……

“YOU ATTACKED US!!!!! I went to Muslim countries to defend the freedoms of Muslim people. Don’t come up here and try to criticize me! Put the Microphone down and go home!”

Allen West when he served
Allen West when he served

It is safe to say that one should NOT try to debate Islam with Allen West, even if it happens to be your religion!

H/T [ ClashDaily ]



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