U.S. ISIS Recruit Granted Early Parole – Gets A Slap on the Wrist for His Sinister Plans!!


It’s now official, Americans are free to join the Islāmic State and our Judicial entities will merely give you a slap on the wrist. So go ahead and make your plans to kill US Soldiers, and if you get caught, don’t worry- the U.S. has your back!!!

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Back in April of 2015, a sixteen-year-old American-born citizen of Syrian heritage was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm. Following an investigation by local police and the FBI, he was sentenced to serve 5 years in a S.C. juvenile detention center.

Yeah I know, some of you may think that is a harsh sentence for a 16-year-old, well I thought so too until I looked into it. The 16-year-old was recruited online by an unnamed radical Muslim from NC, and together the two had planned on robbing a gun store and then traveling to a NC military base to massacre American soldiers. Their plan would ultimately lead to bringing the rage of Jihad into our own backyards. Afterwards, if successful, the two planned on fleeing the U.S. to the Middle East where they would then join the Islāmic State and aid in avenging attacks from American airstrikes.

“We are all outraged,” York City, Mayor Eddie Lee said. “We are at war, and we have been at war with terrorism since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.”

Police say the teen had an ISIS flag and was communicating with an unnamed Islāmic radical when arrested in February 2015. The arrest came one day before the plot was set to begin. Officers also recovered diagrams of the gun store and other action plans. During his earlier parole board visit back in February, the young man was still defiant on not assisting officials as to where he obtained his weapons from and claims they were for his own personal protection just as he did during trail.

His previous parole request was denied just three months ago and all of a sudden he’s not considered a threat to the public. Local officials are stunned and disappointed that the parole board granted his most recent request and feel he still poses not just a threat to the community but also to the Nation.

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Police officers from York County said there remains serious concerns for community, state, even national security if the teen is released, especially since the teen has refused to coöperate about the guns.

The young man, whose identity has been kept private due to his age, was not brought up on terrorism charges by the state of SC. Of course with the FBI involved, the Obama administration should’ve pressed charges, but clearly our current Tyrant-in-Chief saw no threat to the American public in this case. So, after serving 15 months of a five-year sentence, this probable home-grown terrorist is officially a free man.
As of May 5th, 2016, he has been granted parole and is now back into the shadows of our society. I am appalled how our government would withhold this mans identity from its citizens, due to the nature of intent and the possible threat to fellow Americans. He’s stated that he plans on moving to Charleston, SC with his mother and two younger sisters. More than likely as part of his parole, he will wear an ankle bracelet as well as not have any access to the internet.

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The FBI has not publicly commented on the case and have not disclosed any information on the teen’s accomplice, but did confirm that the investigation is still ongoing. Such a small price to pay for planning an attack here on American Soil, and it just goes to show you that yes, you too, can be a terrorist with little to no repercussions here in the United States of America.

Thanks to Obama….


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