Women, supporting Trump, listen up!

Last week, Mike Tyson announced his endorsement of Trump during a live interview with the Huffington Post. Host, Alex Miranda was discussing politics with a mumbling Tyson when he asked him, “So, hes got your vote?” (pertaining to Trump). Tyson responds with, “Yeah. Hell yeah! Big time!” If you can tolerate Tyson’s almost unintelligible mumbling, watch the full interview:

Tyson also sent out a tweet about his endorsement.

On Sunday, May 1, Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, interviewed Trump and asked him questions about Tyson. Wallace brought up the Tweet which sent tingles up the narcissistic Trump’s legs and probably into other regions causing a… Well you know. Trump responded by saying:

“I love it. He sent out a tweet. Mike. Iron Mike. You know, all the tough guys endorse me. I like that, OK? But Mike said: ‘I love Trump. I endorse Trump. And that’s the end. I’m sure he doesn’t know about your economic situation in Indiana. But when I get endorsed by the tough ones, I like it, because you know what? We need toughness now. We need toughness.

What an absolutely amazing endorsement! Toughness. We sure need some toughness! We need Great Toughness! The Best Toughness. Apparently, that is Tyson.

However, is it? Tyson beat up his wife, Robin Givens, in 1998. In 1992, Tyson raped Desiree Washington and spent three years in prison for it. Tyson is a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER.



There has been many other run-ins with the law. You can read some of these HERE via CNN.

In expected form, Ted Cruz addressed Trump’s proud endorsement. Cruz had this to say about it:

Even Carly Fiorina, angrily responded, “Sorry, I don’t consider a convicted rapist a tough guy, And I think it says a lot about Donald Trump’s campaign and his character that he is standing up and cheering for an endorsement by Mike Tyson.”

There is no way Trump would take these slams lying down! So he responded in a very typical fashion – He lied. And Chris Wallace enabled him. The questioning and answer went like this:

Wallace, smirking:  It’s interesting.  The Cruz campaign is making an issue of your support for Mike Tyson back during the time of the rape conviction in 1992.  Your reaction to that?

Trump: It just shows what a liar he is.  So, Mike Tyson over the Internet endorsed me.  He said, “I endorse Mr. Trump.”  He said that. That was it.  No big deal, I didn’t have a meeting or anything, I haven’t seen Mike in years, but he said he endorsed me. So, Cruz is now saying, oh, he was a rapist.  This guy is a real liar.  That’s why we call him Lyin’ Ted Cruz.  I mean, the greatest liar that I’ve ever lived, except he gets caught every time.

Oh reeealy Trump?


Trump is an idiot. He is also a liar. Manipulator. Con-man. And the list goes on. He actually said on a popular show on National TV that Ted Cruz was lying about Tyson being a rapist.

And people STILL support this man?

What is that saying? Oh right. Birds of a feather flock together.


I do not even think we need to cover what a POS Chris Wallace is.

[H/T Daly WireNYT]



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