MusIim Confesses To Beheading an Infidel, But Liberal Judge FREES HIM for 1 SICK Reason


After devout Muzzie Iliass Khayari confessed to decapitating “an enemy of Allah,” prosecutors were certain that when it went before the judge, it would pretty much be a slam-dunk case. But everyone would soon be floored at the judge’s response, as he would then go on to release the terrorist, while giving the world the most asinine reasoning imaginable.

The 25-year-old had first joined the lslamic State back in 2012 after leaving for Syria, but soon returned home in May 2013 where he would then set off warning bells to the authorities in Brussels, Belgium for suspicious activity. After authorities wiretapped his phone, they would then would learn the horrifying truth, as Khayari would go on brag about his beheading expeditions while fighting for the terror group in Syria during conversations to friends.

“He was a heretic, an enemy of Allah. That’s why I cut his head off,” Khayari said in the recording, according to Belgian newspaper Het Laatse Nieuws. “I swear I did! I cut off his head!”

After hearing him brag, police were sure they had more than enough evidence to put him away for good, but they would soon learn this was not the case.

As Mad World News reports:

“….this was the proof a Belgian court needed to sentence Khayari to a paltry 5 years in prison for participating in terrorist activity, half of which has been suspended because he promised to “never go to war again.” However, even this was too harsh a punishment, according to a far-leftist judge.

Like most Muslim terrorists, Khayari immediately appealed the decision. Knowing that the appeals process could take months or even years, the prosecutor requested that Khayari remain in detention during the process, something that is typically common sense in a murder case. Instead of keeping the confessed beheader off the streets and away from another “enemy of Allah” for the devout Muslim to decapitate, the judge replied that there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest that Khayari is a threat to the public, according to Tru News.

Additionally, the judge would go on to argue that the confession that authorities had secured was “not part of the trial,” as the investigators had “not been able to figure out the circumstances behind it.” Due to this idiot judge’s flawed reasoning, Khayari was immediately released to the streets of Europe until his appeals process is complete.

Now free to terrorize and kill infidels again, it is very likely that the terrorist will never face any jail time, as he now claims that the phone conversation that authorities heard was “misinterpreted.” Khayari went on to lie that he was not actually involved in the beheading, but had just watched it take place. As for the lslamic State propaganda that authorities discovered on his phone, he lied his way out of that one too, swearing that it was placed on there by a “Syrian man” who owned the phone before him.

It’s becoming apparent that Europe is being ran by a bunch of idiots. It’s truly unreal that a man who admitted to others that he beheaded an “an enemy of Allah” would then be set free into the populace, able to kill again. At this point in time, Europe truly deserves everything that is coming to them. Give it 20 years, and I guarantee every woman in Europe will be wearing a burka, and the place will be ruled by Sharia Law.



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