BREAKING: Islamic State Kills U.S. Soldier


US Defense Secretary Ash Carter just announced that the Islāmic State has killed its third U.S. serviceman in Iraq who was assisting Kurdish fighters. The name and rank of the soldier have not been released, but officials have gone on the record to say the loss was the result of enemy fire. The incident occurred about 32 kilometers from the city of Mosul, said Colonel Steve Warren, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve.

“The enemy penetrated the Kurdish lines,” Col. Warren of the morning attack. “They went about five kilometers past the forward line of troops with some truck bombs.”

Of course we all remember President Obama’s “No Boots on the Ground” which he later changed by sending over 200 troops to the region. 

He was killed by “direct fire” after Islāmic State forces penetrated the Peshmerga’s forward line. The American was three to two to three miles behind that front line, AN official said.

This brings us to a total of three U.S. Military personnel deaths since we’ve pursued the ground battle with ISIS. The latest death comes on the heels of the deployment of a 200 person special operations task force to Irbil. Obama approved the deployment of 450 more U.S. troops to Iraq and Syria, last week so unfortunately as this battle ensues we may see more occurrences of this nature as it progresses. Lets take a moment to also remember and pay tribute to two other soldiers whom also paid the ultimate price while serving on this campaign:

Delta Force Master Sgt. Josh Wheeler was killed during a rescue mission that freed as many as 70 ISIS hostages.
U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Cardin was killed in a rocket attack on a firebase in northern Iraq.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these great American Heroes!

And for all of you out there who don’t support our efforts because of political agendas, let me remind you that our personnel, regardless of their own personal thoughts, gave their lives for you and for this country.

H/T[The Guardian]



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prayers to our fallen soldier, and DEATH to all muslims, the only good muslim is a DEAD muslim