The Enola Gay was a B-29 Superfortress bomber plane that was selected for a very special mission: the mission that would end a trifecta of unbridled evil – reigning fire from the sky in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The plane would be handpicked by her pilot, Colonel Paul Tibbets, and named after his mother, Enola Gay Tibbets. A Colonel.

Think about that for a moment. This decision was not made lightly and was not left up to a young, inexperienced, pilot. Our presidents used to honor our soldiers and the citizens of this country.  They understood the costs, because the stakes were so high.  Losing this gem we call America was not an option for Harry Truman.  They preferred to celebrate Veterans Day instead of Memorial Day. Those presidents knew that the anti-freedom dogs of war would never be fully caged if the man who holds the most important office on Earth shirks his duties (re: vacations in Martha’s Vineyard or an extra game of golf). There was once a time in American history when no POTUS would have stood for the crimes against humanity that President Obama sees as “just another Tuesday afternoon.”

Obama prefers a bath of fruit loops to defending the country he has sworn to protect.

Anyone who argues with the necessity of dropping those nukes should read about The Rape of Naking (also known as The Nanjing Massacre or The Forgotten Holocaust). Even during World War II, there were Leftist forces at work aimed at suppressing news of the true barbarity of our enemies (New York Times, etc), and a wave of isolationism led many to accept the intolerable, as long as it was happening “over there.”  The US Embassy in China was raided by Imperial Japan LONG before Pearl Harbor.  Beheadings. Rapes. Raiding of US Embassies? Benghazi, anyone? Religion of Peace, anyone?

The Imperial Empire of Japan was on the march.

The Imperial Empire of Japan was on the march, slaughtering millions of Chinese at alarming rates. Their tactics were cold, callous and savage and they had no qualms about the wholesale slaughter of civilian populations. They decapitated Chinese men, murdered all the Chinese babies, and then raped and killed the Chinese women.  Skulls piles up by the thousands.  It was utter carnage.  An estimated 300,000 Chinese were slaughtered by Imperial Japan in a matter of 6 weeks.  It was absolute torture for innocent men, women and children at rates comparable to Nazi Germany.

They raped and pillaged like ISIS savages. This is a historical fact. The critical eye of history is clear on this. Participants on both sides and have pieced together a clear version of events. Japan was guilty and America had no other choice.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was the straw that broke the camels back, but Japan had it coming for quite some time.

How could The Nanking Massacre be conveniently left out of almost every modern American history book?  The Nanking Massacre was in 1937. The attack on Pearl Harbor was 1941. The only question left in the mind of American patriots is, “Why did we wait for 2000 American soldiers to die in Pearl Harbor before we looked evil in the face, and let slip the dogs of war on our mortal enemies?”  Those soldier could have celebrated Veterans Day instead on of being mourned on Memorial Day. Where were Paul and Paulette Revere’s – warning the world about the evil of Japanese / Nazi / Islamonazi aggression?  Name your era – name your dictator: those who threaten freedom need to be eliminated.  American soldiers understand that very clearly.  Those who don’t, don’t belong in the military.

Re-Enter Obama.  President Obama made an unprecedented “apology” to the people of Hiroshima and spoke of the “evils of nuclear weapons” in just another attempt to shame and humiliate Americans. Did he literally say, “On behalf of America, we are sorry?” No. He would never be so honest or direct.

Instead, he made an impassioned speech condoning every Leftist criticism of Enola Gay’s mission. That’s a fact. Obama genuflects before dictators of the past and the present and expects true patriots to not react. His platitudes are not simply and insult to modern day Americans, they’re an insult to the every person in the world who owes their life to Enola Gay and her pilot, including the thriving Japanese people, who finally snapped out a third world, ISIS-like mentality.

Obama genuflects before dictators of the past and the present and expects true American patriots to not react.

He knows exactly what he is doing. He does NOT love America. No one that loves any thing wants to “fundamentally transform” that thing. He thinks we Americans need to be taken down a peg.  A fundamental transformation, right?

There are few people who openly speak in such crass and realistic terms.  Most journalists are simply afraid to.  Careers have been ended for criticizing our President.

Morality is not relative. There is such thing as Good and Evil, and here in America, we are constitutionally committed to blame and punish evildoers and praise, value and cherish the doers of Good.  This makes “no holds barred” Colorado journalist and provocateur, Prissy Holly, particularly dangerous to people like our president; she is not afraid of Obama, she’s not afraid of the SJW left, and she’s in it for the long haul.  Her Internet news conglomerate is so powerful, and her words strike so true to so many patriots, that her videos break 200k+ views overnight and her articles reach millions of viewers.  Crave NewsFury News, and others, are some of her News sites.

prissy holly logo

She has been threatened by radical Muslims and cyber bullied to the point of absurdity, but she doesn’t break. Those who hear her speak and read her words immediately know what a powerful voice they are listening to.  Naturally, her enemies hold a special cavern of their blackened, un-American hearts for Prissy Holly. They will stop at nothing to silence her, and she laughs it off like a soldier.

During a time when Conservative viewpoints are written out of the search engine algorithms, she is a thorn in the backside of weekend warrior “hackers” who are constantly throwing a monkey wrench in her operation.  She knows that there is strength in number.

“It will take a round between my eyes to shut me up.” – Prissy Holly

She is perturbed, but not deterred. Prissy knows it’s part of the game and she is ready. She fights back twice as hard. She will stop at nothing to save this beautiful, incredible country from the scourge Political Correctness and this growing feeling that we all have to feel guilty for being FREE and FORTUNATE Americans.

Prissy Holly is not her birth name, but “prissy” she is – and very sassy. If you saw her, you’d think she was a defenseless female who might have a meltdown at the mere thought of a broken nail. Make no mistake, she is a legitimate badass – Army trained to kill people and break things – and she is building an army of her own.

After achieving the rank of Captain in the Army, she found her true calling – to break the spirit of the evil Leftist blowhards (like Obama) whom want to proudly run this country into the ground. She exposes them for WHO and for WHAT they are. She won’t be bullied in silence. “It will take a round between my eyes to shut me up.”

What Prissy wants, Prissy gets.

As she puts it, she wants to “build a media empire” – and what Prissy wants, Prissy gets.  It’s not because she’s a “chick,” and not because she is easy on the eye:  she knows the value of hard work, discipline, capitalism, and most of all, the kind of Freedom that defines America. It’s the freedom that every member of the military is sworn to protect.

On this Memorial Day, I wish blessings for every fallen American soldier. Thanks to patriots like Colonel Tibbets and Captain Prissy Holly, we still have a country worth celebrating.  I celebrate to today with Prissy Holly, who honors our fallen soldiers every single day. Prissy, in the vain of Paulette Revere, is still abiding her oath to defend and protect America from invaders, foreign AND domestic.  You’ll be hearing her name and seeing her face more and more.

This Memorial Day, Prissy Holly recorded a short vlog rejecting Obamas apology tour. I’ll let Prissy take it from here:


To follow Prissy Holly and The Disgruntled Millennial, please click on their image below.

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Bob Alexander

Prissy is the absolute best…I read everything she puts up…Love this Woman!

Hey, remember when you are say you are NOT a racist, then go on to prove that you ARE a racist that hates having a black man in the White House? How is that working out for you. Not well. that is the only explaination there is. Why else lie and put words in Obama’s mouth. The fact IS that the President never actually apologized for the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan! NEVER. There was NO apology. “We know Obama hates our military” Sounds like you’re one of those low-life un-american idiots who likes to lie to soldiers and… Read more »

You mad, bro?