Despicable Thug Who Destroyed Memorial Day Display Has Been Arrested


According to Henderson Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Richmond, Anthony Burrus, 27, was arrested in connection with the incident that took place in Central Park at around 6 a.m. where nearly 200 Memorial day crosses were plowed over by his car.


The vehicle Burrus was driving, a 1979 Ford Thunderbird, was found with pieces of the crosses embedded in the tires, after he abandoned the vehicle at a nearby McDonald’s. According to Richmond, Burrus admitted to driving his car earlier that morning, but denied having any connection with the vandalism. After a thorough police investigation, Burrus was found and arrested at his sister’s apartment complex and is being charged with first degree criminal mischief as well as leaving the scene of an accident.

Over 150 crosses were knocked down, and 20 were completely destroyed.
Over 150 crosses were knocked down, and 20 were completely destroyed.

Richmond said that a number of tips, Facebook posts, and vehicle searches led officers to make the connections necessary for the arrest of Burrus. The Memorial Day display in Central Park has more than 5000 crosses, each bearing a name of a local resident who served in the military. After hearing the horrible news of the act of vandalism that took place, friends and families all came to check and see if one of their loved one’s crosses had been amongst those that were destroyed.

“For somebody to do this to a veteran who gave his life, I don’t understand. I don’t have any words. I’m speechless,” Jim Hanley, a member of the Legion, said Saturday morning.

Members of the Henderson Fire Department, the WARM Center, and local residents joined members of the American Legion to repair the display.
Members of the Henderson Fire Department, the WARM Center, and local residents joined members of the American Legion to repair the display.

Bob Dutton Sr.’s son, Robert K. Dutton, had a cross in his honor displayed in the park that was among the crosses that were completely destroyed. “I lost my son seven years ago, and this is so sad to know somebody would do this without thinking about the consequences,” Dutton said.

Kathy Tigue has lost three of her brothers who were serving in the military. Although the crosses bearing her brothers’ names were not harmed, she still is feeling the pain that the other families are going through. “This is heartbreaking,” Tigue said. “How could someone be so cruel, so heartless is beyond me. God help whoever did it. It hurts these people, who have worked so hard.”

Jim Hanley, a member of the Legion, says that they will work to repair or replace all of the damaged crosses before Memorial Day. “This town loves their veterans, and this is proof,” he said, gesturing to the crowd. “We take care of each other around here, and this situation is no different.”

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Dorothy Williams

Put him back there and run over him. But make sure he does not get up. What a F—— asshole.


All those sons, husbands, fathers, and friends gave up their life for his black ass!

Lisa Goldman

I agree with you, Karen—however, it’s not only fathers and sons who have died in combat, but also mothers and daughters. Since 9/11, one hundred forty-six brave servicewomen have died in combat-related incidents. I don’t know if any women are among the soldiers being honored at this location, but females certainly account for a percentage of overall casualties of war in recent times.

George K

An uncaring idiot that thought he was being a big man. Undoubtedly has never had a job in his life, living on government hand-outs, thinking he deserves more. He should be made to enlist in the military to have is first taste of discipline in his life. What a low-life!


I was thinking the same thing. Jail or military.

Heartland Patriot

At least he kept it real for all his dogs in the gang, or some such…sickening.

Bonnie M

Thank you,
george K. I think the military would be a good place for this sorry bit of humanity..Ship his sorry behind to Afganistan..Let him see first hand what those that he disrespected are doing over there..If, by some chance he doesent have the b—s to make through “Boot, Let him taste a federal prison..

Robert H

I think that he needs a lesson on what it means to be a veteran, a 5 year hitch as a Marine should knock some sense into him.


Let me talk to him in private for just 5 minutes ~~ and call an ambulance.

D-Boy Wheeler

It’d be poetic justice to have Mr. T smack this jerk down!

Sensible Citizen

It would be good to hit him with a ridiculously harsh sentence, the maximum possible under the charges that could be brought, but for the judge to offer an alternative, avoiding jail, of four years service in the armed forces.


Drop him in Iraq. No food, no equipment, nothing. Let him fend for his sh*tless self…..piece of garbage that he is.